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Why book comprehensive cover?

travel insurance skiing snowboardingComprehensive Travel Insurance gives you much higher limits and broader cover than limited free or top-up cover. Some countries will not allow you to enter without adequate levels of cover for emergency medical situations. Medical costs in other countries can quickly escalate and if you need to be repatriated or hospitalised for an extended period in a foreign country, your travel insurance limits will become quickly exhausted if they are not high enough. In addition, the cover for cancellation, curtailment, travel supplier insolvency and repatriation is often excluded or limited.

Alcohol Exclusion

Limited, top-up and free credit card cover also has sub-limits and exclusions that can be difficult to identify and quantify. Many limited travel insurance policies and free credit card covers will not pay out if you are injured after having consumed any alcohol. Some of the leading travel insurers have much more relaxed rules around alcohol and will pay out even if you have consumed a “reasonable” amount of alcohol. This is an important difference because many travellers will consume at least some alcohol whilst on holiday.

Pre-existing Conditions

Free or limited travel insurance sometimes does not cover you for pre-existing conditions, so if you get sick as a result of a known medical condition your policy may not pay out.

Cancellation Cover

The top products of the leading insurers will pay you out if you cancel your trip for any reason, provided you book your travel insurance within a specified time of booking your travel. Limited or free credit card cover does not offer this benefit and if you have to cancel your trip for a reason that is not specified on your policy you will not be paid out. (This cover is subject to change and you can request up to date policy wording from us or chat to one of our consultants).

When you have put time, money and effort into booking a holiday or business trip – taking free, limited or top-up cover may put you in financial distress if you have a claim that is not covered by the policy.

The best way to cover yourself properly when you travel is to compare the best cover available from the leading insurance companies, and select the option that suits your particular trip. jetklik


Why do we need Travel Insurance?

In our daily lives, most of us have short term insurance, life insurance and medical aid. We have support networks and local knowledge. When we travel our cushion of safety is removed and it is vital that we have a strong, reliable Travel Insurance policy to protect us against every eventuality.

From the minute you pay for your trip to the minute you step out of the airport when you arrive back home you face risks that are different to the risks you normally insure yourself for at home. Your travel supplier or airline could go insolvent, you could get sick before you leave on your trip, your house could be broken into the day before you leave making it inconvenient to depart as planned. Foreign exchange rates mean that medical treatment is often prohibitively expensive, the cost to repatriate an ill person for treatment in their home country can run into the millions. Language barriers make it essential to have the backup of an emergency services company in close proximity to where you are staying while abroad.

Your Comprehensive Travel Insurance ensures that no expense is spared in treating your medical emergency, or transporting your to the closest private medical facility for treatment.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance covers you for these risks as well as many others, giving you peace of mind that you have taken as much care to insure yourself on your holiday as you would normally take to insure yourself at home.

Some common pitfalls of free or limited Travel Insurance;

  • Pre-existing conditions are often excluded from cover which is a dangerous limitation
  • Your free cover may only cover the card holder, and not your spouse
  • Your policy may exclude cover for sporting activities
  • Your emergency medical limit may be below the level required by immigrations at your country of destination


Some of the common claims made by travellers;
    • Travel Supplier or Airline insolvency
    • Missed connections and lost luggage
    • Journey Cancellation and curtailment
    • Emergency Medical situations
    • Critical illness
    • Repatriation of mortal remains


Imagine you are on a cruise ship and you have to be evacuated due to a serious illness. Only a comprehensive travel insurance policy can give you absolute peace of mind that you will be looked after medically and not put into financial distress.

Many limited travel insurance policies will not cover you for pre-existing conditions and often only the primary member is covered leaving the other members of the family at risk.


snowboarder3What about my medical aid? Surely this gives me adequate cover for my journey?

Not always, our consultants can explain the important differences between cover from your medical aid, and specific travel insurance cover.  Your Medical Aid is designed for medical illness and emergency in your home country and has limitations when it comes to international travel, including insurance for your belongings, and repatriation of mortal remains. If you get ill or injured abroad your Travel Insurance will see you home and this is when your Medical Aid should take over. Many countries will not allow you through immigrations without comprehensive travel insurance.

I got free credit card cover when I booked my trip

Your free credit card cover is not comprehensive cover and may have some severe limitations. Not all countries will allow you to enter with free credit card cover and often only the credit card holder is covered. Topping-up your free credit card cover often brings your costs in line with comprehensive travel insurance and still has significant limitations over comprehensive cover.

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