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How to claim

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If you are claiming for expenses incurred on your journey most insurers will require you to provide proof of the expenses incurred including receipts and a copy of your bank or credit card statement


Am I covered for pre-existing conditions?
Not all Travel Insurance covers you for pre-existing conditions but jetklik Travel Insurance offers cover for pre-existing conditions through all four of our partners – TIC, Bryte (Zurich) and Hollard. Make us aware of your pre-existing condition when you book your travel insurance to ensure that we advise the insurance company of your condition prior to your departure. There are limits to pre-existing benefits.
Can I extend my policy whilst I am overseas?
Yes, provided that you haven’t had any claims and that your policy has not already expired.

When should travel insurance be purchased?
As soon as you buy your airline ticket, purchase your travel insurance. This will ensure that should you have an emergency and need to cancel your trip that the cancellation cover will be effective.
When does the travel insurance coverage become effective?
Your policy is effective the moment you book your cover.
When does the coverage expire?
The coverage expires on the last day of your travel dates.
Can I make a claim during the trip?
Yes. Simply phone the relevant assistance number and your claim can be immediately processed.
Can I wait until I return to file a claim?
Yes, contact jetklik as soon as you return from your trip so that we advise you of the documentation required to process your claim.
Who do I phone in an emergency?
When your travel insurance becomes active, a set of policy documents will be sent to you with the relevant emergency numbers on them.


Health Risks and Laws
  • Make sure you are familiar with the health risks of the various countries you are visiting. Simply do an internet search on the countries you are visiting to gain some general knowledge on what to expect. Also be aware that your travel insurance may not cover you for traveling to a country where there have been recent terrorism incidents.
  • Take the recommended vaccinations and medication before leaving for your trip.
  • Always act within the prescripts of the law of the country you are visiting. Research the laws of the countries you are visiting as it may affect what you need to pack.


Visa’s and Permits
  • Double check that you have obtained the correct visa’s or permits for the countries that you are visiting.


  • Leave a full detailed itinerary of your trip with a friend, colleague or a family member, along with copies of your passport, ID, visa’s and permits. This prevents any problems occurring should any of your vital documents get stolen or lost or if any information is required should the unmentioned happen to you.
  • Take your travel policy documents away with you as they contain vital contact information should you be in an emergency. This documentation also has contains details of your policy which may be asked for in the event of a claim occurring.
  • Read your travel insurance documentation in full and familiarize yourself with the cover that you have received and the terms and conditions that apply.

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