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Sports cover in your Travel Insurance policy

travel insurance skiing snowboarding Mark – 28, Snowboarding trip to Austria, January 2014*
“Arrived in Meribel on the 2rd January, had 2 foot of snow on the first night and hit the slopes early the next morning. Went over some hard blocks of snow on a red run and lost balance – couldn’t make the turn and went off into some rocks. Injured my back and broke my ankle and shin bone. I took the cheapest travel insurance I could find and it didn’t include sporting activities. I had to pay all of my own expenses and couldn’t sit in a normal seat on the flight home so had to borrow money from family to book a business class seat that lies down flat. My journey curtailment cover also didn’t activate, because the cause of my injuries were related to sporting activities so I was not able to claim for the non-refundable portion of my unused holiday”.

Where did Mark go wrong?

Mark made a common mistake in that he looked for the cheapest travel insurance he could find without really considering the cover that he was getting. In addition he bought his cover online without getting advice and without a consultant asking him critical questions about his trip.

If Mark had spoken to one of our jetklik™ Travel Insurance Consultants, she would have asked if he intended doing sporting activities. She also would have provided him with quotes from three of the leading South African Travel Insurance companies (TIC, Hollard and Zurich). She also would have helped him to choose the most cost effective option for his particular trip and travel requirements.

If Mark had insured his holiday through jetklik™ Travel Insurance he would have enjoyed the following cover;

  • Minimum of R20million emergency medical cover including sporting activities
  • Journey curtailment cover which would have refunded him the unused portions of his accommodation and travel
  • Covered the cost of his business class flight home

Mark spent R450 on his travel insurance and was able to claim nothing, if Mark had taken travel insurance from jetklik™ Travel Insurance he would have spent less than R900 and been paid out most if not all of his medical, travel and journey curtailment expenses that occurred as a direct result of his accident.


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*Mark’s story is fictitious and the purpose is to demonstrate the real impact of travelling without adequate cover and without receiving advice.




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